The Company

Triangulum Pty. Ltd. was formed in 2014 and is located in Lambton, Australia. It is named after Triangulum Australe, a constellation visible in the southern sky.

Triangulum is a registered supplier under the NSW Government ICT Services Prequalification Scheme for low-risk contracts valued up to $150,000.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional results for our customers, and to establish a reputation as the “go-to people” for outside-the-square solutions in the engineering and scientific domains.

Think 1 part A-Team, 1 part MacGyver and 5 parts IT Genius.

Things we love

Triangulum's core values can be expressed through the things we love. These are projects, thoughts and technologies that we believe are “the right way” of getting things done.

The UNIX Philosophy
We like using the Linux operating system, but not just because we're solid computer geeks - we feel that it fosters a certain way of approaching problems, and that is expressed as “the UNIX philosophy”.
Some key points are:
  • Write small programs that do one thing well.
  • Build a prototype as soon as possible.
  • Don't neglect software portability.
  • Don't neglect data portability.
The Agile Manifesto
One of the principles behind the agile manifesto is that “Working software is the primary measure of progress.” We like that, and we think that our customers like to see their problems solved, rather than read inch-thick analysis documents. Which is why we also love...
Ruby and Rails
Using ruby and the rails platform allows us to deliver software fast; it's cross-platform and makes programming fun (which makes us — and our customers — happy)
Our TaskTrack system is written with ruby and rails.
Unit testing and test-driven development
Producing software quickly doesn't mean short-changing quality. Unit testing gives us the confidence to make changes to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, and helps to ensure that bugs are identified and fixed sooner, rather than when it is delivered to the customer.
Jack Ganssle
Jack Ganssle in an internationally-recognised embedded systems engineer, author and speaker who now advises companies, lectures, and writes about embedded systems. We think he says it best:

Doing firmware right means fewer bugs and earlier deliveries. This is the entire thesis of the quality movement, which revolutionized manufacturing but has largely missed software engineering. Studies have even shown that safety-critical code need be no more expensive than the usual stuff if the right processes are followed.

Jack Ganssle,The Ganssle Group Website

Workshop equipment

Our electronics workshop is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for the debugging of embedded systems, including:

Key Staff

Tony Brown, Director

Tony has over 15 years experience in building business systems and embedded systems design and development.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Science from the University of Newcastle, and an Associate Degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with Distinction) from the University of Southern Queensland.

Tony's full profile is available on LinkedIn

Triangulum Australe

Triangulum Australe was given it's name by the Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius in the late 16th century and the first depiction of the constellation appeared in 1603, in Johann Bayer’s Uranometria.

Triangulum's logo is a representation of the 4 brightest stars in the constellation as it would be seen from the east coast of Australia at around 10pm in September.

Far more information about Triangulum Australe is available here and of course on Wikipedia.