Measuring service delivery

Organisations that process applications and other statutory documents are often asked the same question: How long does it take to process each application?

The answer to the question is key to providing metrics to management and stakeholders in the process, and for determining whether the process has met it's service level targets as set by management or statutory obligations.

However, the simple calculation of “elapsed time” between receiving an application and it's completion doesn't capture an accurate measure of time. The measurement can be confounded by:

Triangulum TaskTrack provides the answers to these questions and more by providing a framework for tracking, measuring and reporting the business time taken for task completion.

Triangulum TaskTrack Features

Triangulum TaskTrack Demo

A TaskTrack demonstration site is available here. Additionally, you may browse the user documentation in the Triangulum Wiki

Differences between the demonstration site and an actual production instance include:

Data is deleted and reloaded into the demonstration system at random intervals (generally, overnight).